It is the require of term paper, it is the same as i have written


Tell the story you are most interested in.

What environmental problem do you aspire to solve?

My topic is Actions to take to Minimize Air Pollution caused by Transportation in Mexico City

  1. What’s happening? Why do we care? [10%]
  2. Why is it happening? [20%]
  3. Ways to respond – Consider alternative ways we can respond – policies, practices, projects, programs [10%]
  4. Finding the “best” way – Describe an appropriate multi-attribute decision making (MADM) method for policy analysis, including the ways you might choose to define “best”. Use what you have learned from the class to date, what you learn from two professors (week 12,13), and any literature sources (Method was introduced in Week 12, 13 was benefit/cost analysis (BCA), multi-attribute methods (MADM) and decision making under high uncertainty that involves systemic risk analysis) [50%]
  5. Concluding Remarks and Reflection [10%]

This is a Policy Analysis class, so make sure you focus most on the MADM , BCA, Smart and AHP (and other methods) to use for comparing policy options. This should be clear in the PowerPoint slide that describes the paper. How do you compare the policy options you will identify to address the air pollution problem?

I will share you information about the course later.

It is the require of term paper, it is the same as I have written above. However it more details, and it also have the introduction about what we learned in the course. Please read it carefully.

Another is my topic proposal, it just talked what is my topic. Especially my last paragraph in the proposal, how to analyze the article may be wrong. Thus, please be sure to complete the homework according to the teacher’s homework requirements, and do not refer to my proposal to write.

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