Issues facing the international community essay discussion

Please note that this forum has several parts, so read these instructions carefully.

 1. First, choose one (1) of the following essays:  

Ahmed, Leila. “Veil of Ignorance”   

Caldeira, Ken. “The Great Climate Experiment”   

Colin, Nicholas and Bruno Palier. “The Next Safety Net: Social Policy for a Digital Age”  

Jenkins, Mark. “The Healing Fields”   

Haass, Richard N. “Where To Go From Here”  

2. Then, let the reader know why you chose this particular essay. Does this essay discuss an issue that is facing you currently? Next, discuss whether or not your essay is peer-reviewed. How do you know? State the claim of the essay. Then, discuss how the author proves this claim. Is the author using the Toulmin method? Use complete sentences, give citations to back up your points, and create a final works cited citation for this essay.    

3. After completing the first section, consider the following. During week five, you are creating an argument using the Toulmin model. Have you used this style of argumentation before in your studies or career (either verbally or in past writing assignments/projects)? Will you use it in the future? Why or why not?   Check out this amusing (ok, corny) video rap on the Toulmin in a nutshell:     

4. Finally, please revisit your first essay:  The Critical Evaluation Essay.  Take a look at the comments your instructor made to you about your essay.  How will you incorporate your instructor’s feedback in your Toulmin essay, assigned this week?  What improvements do you hope to make in the Toulmin essay?

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