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HIGHER COLLEGES OF TECHNOLOGY Abu Dhabi Men’s College MBA 5603 – Enterprise Management Masters of IS Management, 2013/14 Dr. Hatem Tamimi Dr. Salam A. Hoshang Group Assignment Evaluating the implementation of an Enterprise System Due Date: See Flowchart; will be presented at the first session Percentage of Final Grade: 40% Sources of information and advice The output of this assignment will be the work of a group of 2 to 3 students. Your report must be the work of you only. All sources of information must be properly referenced. Student is to avoid unaudited sources such as Wikipedia and White Papers. To use the work of others without identifying it is considered as a plagiarism. This is a form of academic dishonesty and will not be tolerated, and may lead to dismissal from the Course. Student declaration: By submitting this assignment, you are declaring that the following is true: We have read and understood the note on sources of information and advice. We have produced this piece of work without help from others apart from those noted. This is our own work. نذّكرك أن عقوبة الغش هي الفصل من كليات التقنية العليا The penalty for plagiarism or any form of academic dishonesty is dismissal from the Higher Colleges of Technology. MBA5603 Group_Project Assignment Page 2 of 6 Learning outcomes covered on this assessment: LO 1 Understand the concept of systems integration and ERP system components and architecture. LO 2 Analyze the ERP development life cycle, the process of selecting ERP software and vendor, and how to manage the ERP implementation plan. LO 3 Deal with people and organization change, business process reengineering, change management, and the role of ethics and globalization in ERP implementation LO 4 Analyze ERP trends and its status in the marketplace. LO 6 Produce assessment reports based on specific cases. MBA5603 Group_Project Assignment Page 3 of 6 The Scenario is a) Provide the portfolio of Information systems and applications implemented or planned at an organization that you know of or where you are working and selected for your project. [Enumerate and explain the current projects that currently exist at the organization.] b) Discuss the current Project (Portfolio) Management Office (PMO) (if any) otherwise recommend. c) Select a specific Enterprise System that has been implemented in an organization as an object of your project. Report Content Your report will consist of the following sections: Executive Summary A brief introduction to what the rest of the assignment contains. The reader should be introduced to all vital elements of the report within the executive summary. Introduction and Definitions Describe of the organization’s background. a) Critical evaluation of your company’s (organization’s) business b) Explain the triggers that led the management to implement the enterprise system. c) Define the main terms related to the topic of this project. Provide critical discussion of the challenges faced and maybe still facing the company / organization in the context of IT project / portfolio management. Enterprise System and Vendor Provide information of the components of the enterprise system namely, hardware, software, people, processes and database. Indicate the name of the vendor and discuss in brief the utilized modules; including: Is-analysis of the current enterprise systems in use. Issues encountered during the implementation During the system implementation, discuss and explain whether the system has been customized to fulfill the organization requirements or certain business processes were re– engineered. Discuss the approach they adopted in tackling the problem of the legacy systems. Explain the problems they encountered during the implementation stage. Provide critical discussion of the challenges faced and maybe still facing the company / organization in the context of enterprise systems. MBA5603 Group_Project Assignment Page 4 of 6 Project/Portfolio Management Office (PMO) Provide information and discussion of the current project / portfolio management office components and structure. List of the IT projects that are currently in the pipeline: An Is-analysis of the current IT projects and project / portfolio office in use. Issues encountered in the current situation Discuss and explain whether the current approach concerning IT project / portfolio management system needs to be improved to fulfill the organization’s requirements and objectives. What are current problems within the IT project/portfolio management that need to be optimized? The Enterprise Trend and Perspectives Discuss the trend and perspectives concerning Enterprise Systems within the organization. Recommendation a) Provide recommendations for improvements concerning the current organization’s project management concept that decision makers may consider for the future. b) Provide recommendations for improvements concerning current or additional enterprise systems modules implementations that decision makers may consider for the future. Conclusion A brief summary of your main points, and any additional information you need to include. Sources It is very important that you provide all referenced sources that you relied on in your report. You need to review at least 5 qualified and topic related literature reviews. Format Required font for this report is Arial 12 point with 1.15 spacing. Use appropriate headings for creating the Table of Contents. Required reference format is APA. MBA5603 Group_Project Assignment Page 5 of 6 Report Structure Details This report will consist of the following sections: 1. Opening  Cover Page: course name & number; report title; team member’s names & IDs; instructor’s name.  Table of Contents: automatically generated using headings.  Executive Summary. Ca. One A4 page in length.  Table of Contents  Table of Figures (if any)  List of Tables (if any)  List of Used Acronyms (abbreviations used in the report) 2. Details of the topic Each section is very important, also each sub-section. Make sure you provide enough details to make a properly informed decision making about Enterprise Systems. Discuss the problem, challenges and potential improvement possibilities and its advantages. 3. Conclusion In this section, you will include any final information not already given. You will also restate briefly the key elements of your report. Your opinion whether or not a company should seriously consider any improvement or alternation of the existing Enterprise Systems would add value to your report. 4. Report Size 3000 words. Deadline The deadline for submitting your report is mentioned in the first page of the assignment. Late submission LATE SUBMISSION OF YOUR REPORT MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED; and in any way it will affect your final grade! At least 5% for each day (or part of a day) will be applied as a penalty for late submission. Grading Your report will be graded on content and format. The grading of this project will include:  Report weighted 70%: o The content of the report (weight 70%) o The form and format including referencing in APA format (weight 30%)  Presentation weighted 30%:  The form and format of the presentation (weight 40%)  The delivery of your presentation (weight 30%)  Respond to the Q&A (weight 30%) MBA5603 Group_Project Assignment Page 6 of 6 Communication Use the following notation whenever you email the lecturer regarding your Project: Group Projects: MBA5603_Group_Code_[A|B|…]FirstNames[_LastName]_Project_Organizaiton:_Subject File names syntax: MBA5603_[GroupCode] _ YourFirstName YourLastName_file_name file_name should reflect the content of the file. It will impact your grade negatively if you do not follow these notations! 

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