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Follow the steps below to prepare for this assignment.

Choose a presentation software to create your presentation.
Consider the following guidelines as you prepare to create your presentation:
It is suggested that you write an outline or script of what you are going to say before you begin recording in addition to having your design and supporting visuals ready. Although many software programs allow you to pause or edit, it is advisable to prepare before you start recording.
Watch your video prior to posting to ensure that the audio volume is appropriate.

For this assignment, you may choose to create your presentation using Kaltura. To learn how to use Kaltura, refer to the second study in this unit.


Read Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-087, found in the Resources. –


Imagine that you are a network security administrator and you receive a critical alert from an intrusion detection system (IDS) regarding the ingress transmission of code execution targeting the exploitation of Windows print spooler components vulnerabilities identified in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-087.


Address each of the following in the Word document

Briefly describe what you learned from or observed in the lab and include it in the section with your screenshots. Be specific.

Prepare and record a 5–7 minute recorded presentation (with voice and supporting visuals) with content and tone appropriate for IT professionals. Do the following in your presentation:
Introduce the nature of the intrusion and the systems likely affected.
Outline the steps necessary to effectively assess this security incident.
Create and explain a security incident response plan designed to mitigate the exploitation. Make sure to:
Reference relevant security bulletins that exist (perform an Internet search).
Explain key components of your recommended technical solution.
Submission Instructions

Submit your presentation and the Word document

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