Intl440 cyber warfare full course (submissions and discussions)

Sep 06, 2021 – Oct 31, 2021
Beth Subero : Instructor

Course Details

INTL440 Cyber Warfare 3 Semester Hours

This course provides an overview of cyber warfare and the potential impact of its use by military, terrorist, and criminal organizations. By studying the operation of computer networks, the student will gain an appreciation of how they have both benefited society and made portions of its infrastructure more vulnerable. An overview of cyber weaponry will be presented, and various offensive and defensive strategies will be examined via case studies

Course Materials: What will I need on day one?

Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies: Strategic concepts and truths to help you and your organization survive on the battleground of cyber warfare – e-book available in the APUS Online Library

Assignment #1

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.

InstructionsInstructions: This assignment designed to assess your knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. The assignment rubric is included for your review. Grading will be based on the rubric. Make sure you follow AMU’s writing policies and the Chicago writing style guide (cover page, page numbering, double space, headings/subheadings, etc). Your essay should be 4-6 pages in length, not counting the cover page and bibliography.

Essay Question: We are a highly technical society.  Our everyday lives revolve around the Internet: we benefit from the Internet, but we can also be victims of cyber criminals.  To understand how criminals use the Internet to their advantage, one must understand how we communicate on the Internet.  In this paper, you are required to describe in detail how we communicate on the Internet, based upon your readings.  Discuss the major networking building blocks and their functions.  Secondly, discuss software applications’ vulnerabilities, such as those found in web browsers.

Assignment #2

This assignment consists of two questions (below) to test your knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives.  You are to pick ONE and answer it in 6-8 page essay.  Grading will be based on the rubric.  Make sure you follow AMU’s writing policies and the Chicago writing style guide (cover page, page numbering, double space, headings/subheadings, etc).  YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES AND INCLUDE A BIBLIOGRAPHY. You must also have a strong introduction, thesis statement and conclusion.

Essay Question #1: Select one of the studies presented in weeks 6 or 7 of this class or another case of your choosing with instructor approval. You might have to look ahead. Write an analysis paper providing more details of the attack, to include the following:

a.   Victim, attacker, and probable motivation for the attack.

b.   Nature and sophistication of the attack.

c.   What was the desired outcome of the attack?

d.   How successful was it?

e.   How effective were the attackers in covering their tracks?

f.    How did the victim respond?


Essay Question #2: Discuss the future of cyber warfare. Include the following as part of your discussion:

a.   How future wars will be fought.

b.   How ethical is cyber warfare?

c.   How the United States is preparing defensively to counter cyber-attacks?

d.   What is next?

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