International relation current events | Social Science homework help

 Part I: Using a reputable source (LIRN, National Geographic,,,,, retrieve a current events article that fits one of the criteria listed below. Choose an article that interests you. If you have a doubt about whether an article is acceptable or not, show it to the professor no later than 4 days before the assignment is due. Then write a one-paragraph summary on the article (who, what, where, when, why).

Article Ideas:

  • Geography: environment, immigration, global warming, etc. as it relates to humans
  • Culture: customs, traditions, religion, politics, etc.
  • Government: elections, laws, court decisions, etc.
  • Technology: new inventions, innovative ways to better our lives, etc.
  • Cooperation & Conflict: foreign policy, trade agreements and disputes, wars, etc.
  • Resources: natural or human resource issues between governments or groups
  • History/Archeology: New discoveries or theories about the past (fossil finds, etc.)
  • Empires: What country dominates the world now…and who is rising?

Part II: Then analyze/react to the current event by answering the following questions, only if they apply to your article (answer as many as apply):

  • What causes conflict between different states, regions, civilizations, ethnic groups, cultures, and religions?
  • What were the effects or outcomes of war and conflict?
  • What effect did the resolutions or treaties have on the people, country, region, etc.?
  • How did cultural, scientific, and technical breakthroughs impact the way people live and think? How do political institutions impact the lives of the people?
  • How do economic principles and policies shape world events?
  • How do historical events influence the development of political institutions?

It should be 3-4 pages in APA 7 format all the questions attempted must have different subheadings. 

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