International marketing case | Marketing homework help

Please answer all questions:

1.What are the biggest obstacles facing Walmart and other foreign retailers in India?

2. Summarize some of the elements in India’s political, economic, and cultural environments that can impact the market opportunity there.

3. Which quadrant of the matrix applies most directly to India? Why?

4. Going forward, to what degree will Walmart be required to adapt its business model in India?

5. Based of your reading of the case, would IKEA be described as a global firm or a transnational firm?

6. In terms of the ethnocentric/ polycentric/ regiocentric/ geocentric (EPRG) framework, which management orientation is in evidence at IKEA?

7. What does it mean to say that, in terms of Porter’s generic strategies IKEA pursues a strategy of “cost focus”?

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