Interior design graphic design presentation 18″ x 24″


For this assignment you will be creating  (1)   “board” 

1. You will need to take the required items below and organize them on an 18″ x 24″ board in a graphically pleasing way, another puzzle.  Remember the elements and principles, who will the composition be balanced, how will you use color to tell the option story, etc. How will you arrange the pieces so that the client can easily understand what the options are?

2. You will create (1) board.

3. You will use the same provided Design Concept and floor plan from your last assignment. Make sure your images are a good quality.  

4. The Board is to include:

  • The provided Floor Plan (from last week’s assignment), newly provided elevations and 3D Rendering found in the Week 12 Module.
  • You will need to include images for the following materials or finishes: Flooring, Walls, Cabinets, Countertops, Lighting and Cabinet Hardware, with labels (what they are and what the brand or manufacturer is, i.e. Granite Stone Counter, Thorntree)
  • This time you will need to include any furniture images you wish to add to the space. 
  • One inspirational images as needed that reflect the concept or scheme.  
  • The provided Design Concept Text
  • Include a company logo for “your design firm” with your name and contact info.

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