Insight from case study scene 2, considering an ea program

Read the Danforth Manufacturing Company Case Study through scene 2, considering an EA program. Then, answer the following questions

  1. The first thing the architect, Vince Albright, did with the group was to document the current business services and associated IT resources that might be replaced or modified by Kate’s and Jim’s proposals. Why do you believe this was a necessary first step?
  2. The team then identified common business process requirements between Kate’s and Jim’s business units. Think about the purpose of identifying these requirements: is it so that they can build a software tool to satisfy both groups? How detailed do you believe this requirements identification process had to be for this exercise?
  3. Describe what the final conclusion was from this “consideration” process. Identify and provide details on at least two of the benefits Sam anticipates by pursuing an enterprise architecture approach


please at least 4 lines for each answer 

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