Innovation and strategic environmental assessment

Research the literature and write a summary that speaks to the following elements to create an innovative and strategic assessment for a chosen healthcare setting:

  • Assess the external and internal environments using a systems-based perspective (SWOT, PEST, TOWS, or other analytic tool).
  • Synthesize environmental assessment information and propose where innovations are occurring or need to occur. Examples could include:
    • Electronic medical records.
    • mHealth/mobile apps.
    • New services using nanotechnology.
    • Electronic aspirin.
    • Google glass.
    • Robotics surgery.
    • Microchips.
    • 3D printing.
    • Microfabrication and biological materials.
    • Optogenetics.
  • Assess organizational vision, mission, culture/values and strategic plan for gaps or misalignment with the external environment. Examples could include:
    • Affordable care reimbursement.
    • Billing.
    • Universal coverage.
  • Integrate relevant environmental changes into an organizational strategic plan.
  • Propose performance indicators and metrics for the organizational scorecard. Examples could include:
    • Improve quality of care.
    • Expand service lines.
    • Leverage social media for marketing competitive advantage.

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