Initial assessment | PSY 645 Psychopathology | Ashford University

Check out Chapter 7 in DSM-5 Made Easy: The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis. Attached and watch the video Beer Is Cheaper than Therapy: Fort Hood’s PTSD Problem .Please see Case 15: Borderline Personality Disorder attached PDF .The patient for case 15 has come to your office for a brief 15-minute initial assessment. As part of the intake process, you asked the patient to fill out a biographical form that contains the same information included in the case study. Based on this information, propose three (3) questions you would ask the patient in order to determine a diagnosis and three (3) additional questions that will help you determine a treatment plan. Thus, you will develop a total of six (6) questions. Provide a transcript of this brief initial session including your six questions and the answers you would expect the prospective patient to give. Beneath the transcript, provide a rationale for each of the questions you proposed. Include the case study title?

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