Information security | Computer Science homework help


Create a secure password and address one of the topics below:

  • What makes a secure password secure?
  • As the system administrator for a medium-sized company, how  would you convince users that letting the computer operating system or  browser application remember their passwords is against good security  practices?
  • Why are user accounts typically the first target of a hacker who has gained access to an organization’s network?
  • Describe why all users are expected to keep their passwords  secret along with the possible consequences of not keeping their  password a secret.
  • Evaluate the following statement: To increase security, all data should be encrypted before transport.
  • Is it safe to install a minor software patch that is primarily a bug fix?
  • Why should a risk assessment take place at the beginning of the code creation project?
  • Explain the following: Data Remanence, Distributed Denial of Service, SQL Injection, Emanation.

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