Immigration | Sociology homework help

For your written assignment, look at the information for the three countries listed below – Afghanistan, Haiti and Honduras.  Select one country – out of the 3 – and address the questions below. 

  1. What country did you choose (Honduras, Haiti, or Afghanistan) and why?
  2.  Do you think the factors creating the situation we are hearing about are more push or more pull?  Explain and illustrate with examples.  (You can find this in the readings about each country that are included in the readings section below.)
  3. If you were a person living in the country you chose, and you and your family were facing the risks the people currently attempting to leave are facing, what do you think you would do?  In the case of Afghanistan, many people who want to leave have spent several years waiting for their legal paperwork as refugees to be processed.  In the case of Honduras, there is no legal pathway to immigration, but people who are leaving are hopeful that they will meet the qualifications for asylum – since they feel that their lives and their children’s lives are in danger.  In the case of Haiti, again, with no legal pathway to immigrate to the US, centuries of economic profiteering, graft, political corruption and illegal activity (in which the US and US companies played a part) have rendered the island nation unable to create the resources needed to support all of its people.  As you craft your answer, please use the information provided that describes the 3 ways people can enter the US, understanding that the US also sets ‘caps’ on the number of people who can come from any country and in each of these categories.

As you write your analysis, be certain you address the questions above. In addition to the 500 word analysis, please make 2 substantive peer responses.  This is a really important forum to read peer responses as, to an extent, our posts will reflect the different ways people in the US approach this issue.

If you want additional information – beyond what is already included here, the United Nations has an excellent database you can use for this – .  The CIA (yes, that CIA) also has an extensive library of factual information , and this one from a university has information on environmental disaster affected countries – 

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