Ifsm – network diagram | Information Systems homework help

 The assignment must be 2-4 pages and reference previous case study Please see the attached case study assignment, network diagram assignment + grading rubric. 


Your deliverable is a one to four-page document that contains:

· A recap of your proposed network (make sure you address all aspects of the network (LAN, WAN, VPN).

· A detailed network diagram that shows the three FractalApps offices, the required LAN components, WAN technology and components, and VPN components (for both the office and mobile).

· The Network diagram can be developed using any drawing applications (MS Visio or PowerPoint, CAD, etc., but needs to be in a pdf or docx format). I will even accept hand-drawn diagrams (take a high-res photo of your diagram and upload it with your Word document). You may submit multiple diagrams (one for the LANs, one showing the WAN technology components, and VPN network), and one high-level diagram that shows the interconnections between the three offices. 

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