Identify and explain 1 aspect of communication (discussed in chapter

For your final  project, I want you to recall a working definition of leadership and  organizational behavior:  Leadership can be defined as the ability of  the management to make sound decisions and inspire others to perform  well. It is the process of directing the behavior of others towards  achieving a common goal.

It may also be  helpful to recall that the last chapter we covered:  Chapter 10 –  Communication.  In order to be successful, individuals in leadership  roles must be able to effectively communicate. In Chapter 10, we  discussed the communication process, the various ways managers  communicate with employees, and barriers to communication.

As such, for your  final project, I would like for you to select an organization that  you’ve worked for and/or attended – one that you’ve observed.  Then, I  want you to identify and explain 1 aspect of communication (discussed in  Chapter 10) the organization’s leaders could benefit from improving,  creating, or removing.  Explain your response.


Does the organization display communication barriers?

Does the organization lack a clear channel and structure of communication?

Does the  organization have a particular aspect of business that doesn’t  effectively communicate – verbally, written, and/or nonverbally.

Does the organization communication lack clarity?


20 Points:  Student identified an organization.

20 Points:   Student identified and explained 1 aspect of communication (per Chapter  10) the organization could improve, create, or remove.  

60 Points:  Student explained how leadership would benefit from improving, creating, or removing an aspect of communication.  

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