I have attached the first part of the project to this assignment. you


I have attached the first part of the project to this assignment. You only have to do the full research paper and the powerpoint.

Final Project and Presentation


This final training plan supports the Needs Assessment you did during Week 5. Select an organization where you currently work, worked in the past, or very familiar with. You should have day-to-day access to all aspects of the organization’s training and development department. Do not select a large organization, such as the entire U. S. Army, Social Security Administration or Homeland Defense. Select something more manageable such as an Army Clinic or Maintenance Company and focus on a specific area of training (example: implementing a new voucher form.) Keep in mind that the purpose of your research is to develop an entire training project that includes a five minute presentation that would be appropriate to present to senior management for approval. It should cover all aspects of an organizational training plan, as indicated in the following document:

The training plan is your perception and does not have to be implemented. Essentially, you are developing a training plan through your research. Often very good ideas are never implemented because a training initiative is not considered and a needs assessment is overlooked. Your research will allow you to develop a training plan that is reinforced by your readings in our text, Employee Training and Development and other scholarly resources. Be sure you select an actual defined area of focus that is not too broad.

This assignment requires PowerPoint slides and a Written Plan. Please review the specific assessment and evaluation criteria. There are samples attached on the following links to assure you are on the right track. The two required components include a 10 power point slide show with talking points and a 5.5 page word document with a separate cover page and at least three references (one can be the text).

Use the APA format for this project. If you have any questions on formatting, please see the following link.

APA Online Writing Lab at Purdue (Links to an external site.)

Final Project Example PaperPreview the document

Final Project Example of Power Point Slideshow Preview the document




  1. Clear thesis statement
  2. Catches reader’s attention
  3. Relates topic to Slide Show and Training and Development

Conducts Needs Assessment

  1. Continues to relate paper to Training and Development
  2. Specifics that support general statements
  3. Explains in a summary format what occurred during the needs assessment

Employee Readiness and Creating a Learning Environment

  1. Specific Plans for Employee Readiness Listed
  2. Criteria for Creating a Learning Environment Defined

Transfer of Training

  1. Appropriate content and links to Training and Development issues
  2. A Well Defined Plan for Transfer of Training is Defined

Development of Evaluation Plan

  1. A strong logical Evaluation Plan is Developed\
  2. Uses APA style

Monitor and Evaluate the Plan

  1. Defines how plan will be Evaluated and Monitored
  2. Quality Assurance for Improvements

Return on Investment

  1. ROI is Evaluated and Noted

Conclusion and References


Since we are not doing the live video, please present a slide show with talking points, as if you are actually presenting the training plan. Remember, you want to sell the plan to the management team, so be prepared to show them benefits, measurement techniques, ROI,

  1. Offers visuals and bullets on the slide show
  2. Length is between 10 and 15 slides
  3. Talking Points are included
  4. Includes benefits for corporation and financial justification (ROI formula)
  5. Budget Addressed
  6. Executive Summary Included
  7. Training Evaluations (4 levels included- see Kirkpatrick’s levels)

Attachments area

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