Hw the cultural related challenges of international business

Identify Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions and discuss the cultural related challenges of international business operations in U.S.  Vs.  China.

 See Hofstede’s cultural map:


Please submit 1-2 pages on the above topic (double spaced and font size 12).

Organize your essay by reflecting on  the following three areas:

a) Define  Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions, using you own wordings to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts (do not rewrite Hofstede’s  definitions).

b) Argue why an American and Chinese businessman will run into cultural blunder/misunderstanding.  That would mean reasoning why you will anticipate a potential cultural related misunderstanding.

c) What would you recommend to minimize the misunderstanding /conflicts  that can arise between two the  parties during business negotiation. Recommendation:  support your essay   by not less than two reliable references: (Apply APA format when you cite your sources).

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