Hrm 531 human capital management week 6 dq

Describe some of the advantages or disadvantages of having a diverse environment. In what ways does conflict facilitate creativity within a diverse workforce? What effects does diversity have on a group or team-based environment?

Watch the “Week Six Difficult Concepts” video.

In the video Sarah makes the comment, “You can also use marketing campaigns with ads that show your multicultural workforce.” Is diversity primarily a “marketing” campaign? How would you react if you learned you were hired for a new job to become part of a “marketing” campaign? How would you counsel an employee who learned she was hired based on her diversity and not her skills and qualifications?

Watch the “Culture in the Workplace” video.

As global business continues to grow, understanding and embracing diversity becomes more important. What can diversity provide to your work environment? How can you, as a manager, create and sustain a diversified and productive environment? How might you handle diversity-related conflicts in your work environment? A point made in the video “Culture in the Workplace” is the importance of listening to others’ ideas and views. Can enhancing your ability to listen to others enhance you ability to manage workplace conflict?

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