Hr application 3 – pay-for-performance

 You are the Compensation Manager for a large company that manufactures bicycles. The Operations Department of the firm is responsible for manufacturing the bikes, which is done in an assembly-line fashion. The process is quite man-power intensive. The operation makes use of 22 different assembly lines, each of which is able to produce one bicycle every sixteen minutes. Each line requires eight workers to fully staff the line. The lines run in two shifts and hence, the nearly four hundred assembly-line workers comprise the vast majority of employees of the organization, there being only 21 employees in other areas. 

Your company embraces the following core values: 

1. We are committed to providing bicycles of consistently high quality for the lowest price. 

2. We will always deal ethically with stakeholders. 

3. We value our employees and strive to include career-oriented persons in our staff. 

4. We are a family-oriented organization and will work with our employees to resolve family issues promptly. 

You have been tasked to develop a pay-for-performance plan for all assembly-line workers that will perform three functions: 

1. Appeal to the assembly-line workers

2. Meet the tenets of the core values 

3. Serve to improve performance overall by reducing the time to make one bicycle by ten percent Your assignment is to design the plan. 

Explain the rationale for your design. Be specific. Your assignment should not require more than two pages written in APA format (double-spaced, 12- point font) to complete this assignment. Your work will be graded on completeness, clarity, originality, interest, APA format, grammar, and spelling and punctuation. 

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