How mental health influences the workplace | CAPSTONE | University of Saint Francis

  The 4,000-6,000-word should contain the following sections:
 State the topic for your final project.  

TOPIC:  The Domino Effect – How Mental Health Influences the Workplace   

 Explain why you decided to choose this topic.


Over the past few years, within the current teenage and newly adult generations, the topic of
mental health has become a bit more transparent and less shameful. We hear more about
mental health and taking care of our well-being – but, it is just left at that. We chose a topic that
we do not hear much of in the workplace – mental health. Mental health is an umbrella term for
anything that effects someone’s’ well-being. We will discuss how this umbrella term influences
the workplace in positive and negative ways.   
 Apply the tools/skills learned in this class to your final project.

Please use the textbook  reference provided and provide examples from textbook that relates to this topic. 

 (I have learned about time management, commitment, communication and  organization from our course – we have applied this to our group. Chapters 1-4) 

 Michael Stebleton and Michael Henle, Hired! The Job Hunting and Career Planning Guide, 4th  Edition (Pearson, 2011).  ISBN: 9780135023259.  

 Provide an overview of the research you did to complete this project.

 Preliminary approach/research topics 

• Examples of good mental health and bad mental health  
• Services and resources offered to employees by their employers (this includes things
like: gym memberships and/or any other memberships, phone plans, discounts,
continued education, student loan reimbursement, financial aid for continued education,
scholarships for workers and family, promotions, awards, raises, housing, vehicle,
vehicle rental, gas/travel reimbursement, PTO, vacation time, holiday pay, religious
activities, webinars.
• How they [the employer] show compassion and understanding, how employer rewards
their employees.
• Compare the turnover rate, how many people stay or quit; how long people stay in these
jobs (good and bad) – look at the reasons why people stay/quit.
• Hostility in the workplace – how a negative attitude (by
employers/workers/managers/supervisors) can impact the whole team [the workers] and
how this effects job responsibility outcomes and the customers/clients.
• The negative effects of not offering: room for growth, bonuses and raises, recognition,
promotion, and any of the services and resources listed previously [above].  
• How mental health/environment/attitude all impact personal performance.  
• Financial impacts that mental health approaches have on employers and employees.  

 Provide a bibliography of the reference materials from the research you did (at least ten
credible sources).

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