How has terrorism affected the politics of the east and west from the

The paper must include the following elements: 1) a specific subject (capture a summary of the principle issue) and research question; 2) a short literature review of prior research and a justification for your paper (why is this subject important); 3) a specific statistical method(desсrіptive, inferential, regression analysis, etc.) of your choice; 4) a conclusion noting the strengths and weaknesses with your research; and6) at least five different sources you have found on your own. The paper must be at least ten pages in length not including references. (this is for a statistics class btw) Must be in times new roman, 12 and double spaced Basically this paper should be about how terrorism has impacted development of laws both here in the US and how it has affected international law (ie. immigration and trade)

Okay perfect, and you can write about my research topic right? (How terrorism has impacted laws both in the US and internationally – ie immigration and trade -)

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