How do attitudes guide behavior? written assignment including

Assignment is due at 3:30 PM US Central time on 09/14/15 no excuses please… APA- References cited please… Any questions feel free to ask Thanks…

See attached for required reference and source example for questionnaire

 The assignment (1–3 pages) not including title or reference pages:

  • Discuss the differences between Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior and Fazio’s accessibility model.   Explain which variable Ajzen added to the theory of reasoned behavior so it became the theory of planned behavior.  Would adding this variable to Fazio’s theory improve that theory? Discuss why or why not.

  • Explain how measuring knowledge about the behavior or direct behavioral experience is important to the theory of planned behavior. Also explain why you do or do not agree with Ajzen’s view on this.

  • Using the resources from  Ajzen’s website (see reference below) develop a short questionnaire to measure intentions to explore a cave (called spelunking). Be sure to provide enough detail about how you would measure each component in your survey so that someone can follow your directions.

 Ajzens website reference requirement****


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