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This week, you will have the unique opportunity to watch a video update of Tammy’s Story. In this field, it is not common to have updates on client’s progress after terminating services with them. This week, you will be able to see both the progress and setbacks that Tammy and her son, Bo, have encountered since you terminated services with them. In this Discussion, you will be able to reflect back on the services that you provided to Bo, your termination of services with him, and your thoughts about where he is now.

1. Briefly share with your classmates some of the goals and objectives that you created with Bo in Unit 7. Discuss the progress that Bo made towards achieving his goals while you worked with him.

2. Discuss why you terminated services with Bo (there is a list of possible reasons for termination beginning on page 439 of your text). Discuss any recommendations that you would have made at termination (you will elaborate on this in the written Assignment for this unit). Discuss what you may have done with Bo in the final few weeks and in the final meeting to support him as you terminated services.

3. Reflect on the update to Tammy’s story. How do you think that Bo is doing now? What surprised you from the update? Do you think that Bo could benefit from continued case management services? Why or why not?

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