History. some one refund down payment i need some one to do it

I have exam for history. i have the study materials in 5 parts each part has one link or more, each part need to read the attachments that are related to each part and make a summrize for each part  from the five part only in one page and half specially the main Ideas so that can help me as study guide for the exam and do will becuse the summrise will focus for the important things in the links. please see the attachments for each part with names. Due Sunday night   9: 00 pm EST

here is the parts and each has its one attachments.  if yo cant open it from the links below you can find them in the attacments with same names.

these the five parts : the links for each chapter or subject will be in the attachment under same names



Mon Oct 14: The Rise of the Ottoman Empire


Attached Files:


             Inalcik – Emergence of the Ottomans (1.667 MB)


             19 Early Ottoman State.pptx (7.881 MB)


Halil Inalcik, “The Emergence of the Ottomans”


Primary Sources:


  Art of the Timurid Period – Thematic Essay and Slideshow from the Metropolitan Museum of Art








Wed Oct 16: The Safavid Empire in Iran


Attached Files:


             Poetry of Shah Ismail (4.22 MB)


             20 Safavid Iran.pptx (6.599 MB)


Cleveland, Modern Middle East, ch.1-3


Primary Sources:


V. Minorsky, “The Poetry of Shah Isma’il I”








Fri Oct 18: Imperial Culture


Attached Files:


             Tursun Beg – Tarihi Abu al Fath (3.319 MB)


             Evliya Celebi – Book of Travels (874.757 KB)


             Alamara ye Abbasi v2 Year 1601 02 Foot Pilgrimage.pdf (401.18 KB)


             Alamara yi Abbasi on Ismail.pdf (1.179 MB)


             21 Imperial Culture.pptx (11.095 MB)


Primary Sources:


  Tursun Beg, History of Mehmed the Conqueror [excerpt on conquest of Constantinople]


  Evliya Celebi, Book of Travels [excerpt on Constantinople]


  Tarikh-i Alam Ara-yi ‘Abbasi [excerpt on the Foot Pilgrimage of Shah ‘Abbas]


Tarikh-i Alam Ara-yi ‘Abbasi [excerpt on the legacy of Shah Isma’il]









Mon Oct 21: Islam and the World System: The “Decline” Paradigm


Attached Files:


             Lewis – Emergence of Modern Turkey (4.583 MB)


             Said – Intro to Orientalism (1.862 MB)


             22 Modernity and Orientalism.pptx (2.968 MB)


Bernard Lewis, The Emergence of Modern Turkey, ch.2-3


Edward Said, Orientalism, Introduction








 part 5




Wed Oct 23: Wahhabism


Attached Files:


             Wahhabism.pdf (9.273 MB)


Cleveland, Modern Middle East, ch.4


Primary Sources:


  Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab, Kitab al-Tawhid (Treatise on the Unicity of God) [excerpts]




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