History prompt #1 | American history homework help

I need you to read the article using the link below and answer the following questions 

850-1000 words. MLA format double spaced


1. How do Washington and DuBois differ in their views of racial progress? Be specific and provide evidence. 

2. To what do you attribute the differences? Explain. 

3. Do you think Washington’s position or DuBois’ position was more realistic in the early 20th century? Explain. 

4. Whose point of view better fits the “Progressive” label, and why? 

5. Has DuBois’ vision of racial progress been realized in the century since he wrote Souls of Black Folk? Explain 

6. Whose point of view do you find more persuasive, and why? 

7. Does the work of these two African American leaders have anything to teach us in the 21st century? Explain.

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