History of electricity | Electronics and Electricity | American Military University

Topic: History of electricity, electronics and important discoveries.

“Following the instructions in your student course guide, write an 8-page research paper follow APA guidelines (double spaced) on a topic relating to any of the objectives within the course. There is a rubric document in the course materials section if you need more guidance on elements of a well written paper. You will be graded on 1) Topic & Content, 2) Grammar & Spelling, 3) Flow of material, & 4) Proper citing & use of references.

This is a research paper and requires in-text citations and proper use of quotation marks for all cited material. You should have at least 6, and preferably 8 to 10, references, which are cited within the text. It is not enough just to list sources in the bibliography. The paper must be between 2000 but no more than to 2500 words (excluding the front matter and reference list).”

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