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 Reconstruction was a period of economic and social revolutionary change. Throughout that period there were two social movement blocs or camps that emerged: the first was the industrial capitalist movement originating from the Industrial North. The second was abolition-democracy camp that was really a coalition between liberal radicals that wanted to abolish slavery and provide some degree of education to newly liberated Black working class. The democratic movement within the coalition wanted something much more. This movement wanted to democratize government and the economy and put it under the control of the immense mass of the workers. Another name for this the democratic movement is “socialism”. 

According to Du Bois the abolition-democracy coalition broke apart and the democratic movement failed. In your essay response, address the following three aspects: (1) Discuss AT LEAST 1 reason the coalition the abolition-democracy coalition fell apart. (2) Discuss AT LEAST 1 reason why the democratic movement failed. 

After Reconstruction, the industrial capitalist social vision triumphed. Your response should discuss the development of the living conditions of different groups of people and the different kinds of social-political conflicts that emerged.

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