Hi there,who is willing to write this comparative research paper? it

Hi There,

Who is willing to write this comparative research paper? It is about the social, economic, political, and cultural impacts of dams on rivers.


the case studies will be a comparative analysis between Yangtze basin in China and the Tigris-Euphrates basin in the Middle East. Also, the roles or responses of the political institutions in terms of the demostic level in both regoins should be metioned (political parties, governmets, and so on) . Also, the roles of the international organizations (NGOs, WWF, and so on)  


The paper should be about 3500 words (excluding bibliography & endnotes; Arial 12 double-spaced), or the equivalent of 12-15 typed pages.The deadline will be March 27th, 2014  at 10 pm.


There are four major components that form the basis of an excellent paper:

 The paper has to be clearly organized. The introduction should be engaging and informative, awakening the reader’s interest and providing a clear idea of the question to be analyzed. The sections of the paper should be logically organized, with clear transitions between them. The conclusion should provide a brief review of the paper’s main points, as a base for the concluding remarks that tie paper together and put its findings into context.


 A wide range of research should be evident in the essay. Good use should be made of the sources for direct quotations, relevant facts, and useful arguments. Some idea of the debate among the authors is needed. A minimum of 20 different sources should be referred to directly and substantively in your essay.


The essay should have a strong analytic framework. Description and argumentation are useful only to the extent that they support analysis. Some element of originality should be evident in the way in which the topic is studied.


 Finally, articulate expression is need to convey your ideas informatively and convincingly. Grammar, punctuation, and word choice all contribute to an excellent paper.







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