Hello there! i will attach the requirement and instruction under a


Hello there! I will attach the requirement and instruction under a PDF file of class lecture for you.

After reviewing the PDF class lecture, along with the other information on vision, mission, and core values statement you should develop your own professional vision, mission, and core values statement.

You should create a 1 page statement that includes the following:

  • Level I headings for the Vision, Mission, and Core Values components
  • The vision statement is first. This is what you aspire to be or do. Vision statements are aspirational, while mission statements are based on current work. This should be a concise statement and a few sentences at most, and not a long paragraph.
  • Your mission statement comes next – a brief, easy to memorize statement about what you do/what areas you work in/are interested in. This is not meant to be a long paragraph but should be enough to explain your mission. Like the Vision Statement this should be a few sentences at most. (Work areas I am interested in is Healthcare, since my major is Public Health)
  • Your core values finish the statement and support your vision and mission. Core values reflect your personal and professional beliefs and philosophy. You should keep your core values to a minimum of three and a maximum of five. You can list these as bullets underneath the level I heading, or use level II headings for each. Each core value should include a brief description of its application in your personal and/or professional life.

Your Vision, Mission, and Core Values Statement should be submitted per basic APA requirements


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