Health personnel management, hsm 310-90 individual assignment 3 (30


Health Personnel Management, HSM 310-90

Individual Assignment 3 (30 Points)

Module 4


  • Review and study Chapters      11-13 in the textbook (Fried & Fottler, 2015).
  • Review and study the      PowerPoints posted on Blackboard, Module 4. 
  • Most people have some experience in      organizations and have the ability to recall how they were oriented (which      is certainly part of training).  The orientation process provides an      opportunity for the employer to answer employee-centered questions.       It is a huge opportunity to engage new employees in formulating      expectations for a future with the organization.
  • Imagine you are the Human      Resource Manager at a healthcare organization and several staff members      have been hired:  two physicians, two surgeons, two nurses, and three      health service managers.   Use critical thinking skills and      metacognition and create an Orientation Plan. 
    • Review Exhibit 11.13 on       page 377 in the textbook.  Use the table provided and add a third       column entitled Department-Specific Information.  Include items that       you believe should be added (e. g. cultural competence, teamwork, mutual       respect, etc.).  
    • Include a cover page and       reference list, see the format in the Sample Paper provided in Module 2. 

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