Hashing lab | Information Systems homework help

A foundational knowledge of the three tiers of cybersecurity provides an understanding of hashing and the basic principles of digital integrity within a system.

Part 1:

Complete the following:

  • View the “Hashing Lab” video, located in the Class Resources.
  • Provide screenshots of an MD5 hash, md5sum, SHA256 hash, sha256sum, and sha512sum.

Part 2:

Write a 250- to 500-word lab report and include a title page, table of contents, overview, and summary. Address the following in the summary:

  • Provide examples of symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
  • Explain why hashing or message digest is important.
  • Describe what a collision is and how it affects hashing.
  • Explain what the difference is between the differing levels of the hashing algorithms and why might you want to use one over the other.
  • Explain PKI and describe what role cryptography plays in PLI. Identify some common uses for the technology and how it is important in keeping information secure.

Use APA-format

please cite sources

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