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Hair discrimination?

You are a human resources manager at a local nonprofit that provides job training skills to unemployed community members. Employees are expected to maintain a professional appearance to act as an example to the clients. One of your Black employees, Michelle, reports to work on Monday with locs. While there is no policy in the employee handbook prohibiting locs, you receive a complaint from a manager, Chad. Chad thinks that locs should not be allowed as the hairstyle does not meet the professional appearance standard required for the position. Chad claims locs are too casual and demands that Michelle should be asked to leave, without pay, until she returns with a more professional hairstyle.

You invite Michelle to discuss the topic, and Michelle expresses her belief that she has the right to wear her hair in whatever style she chooses. She cites the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Compliance Manual on Race and Color Discrimination and states that Chad is being discriminatory. She also reports that another co-worker, Sue, changes her hair color regularly to unnatural colors such as fuchsia or green. On a couple of occasions, Michelle’s clients noted the unnatural hair color, questioning whether it would be considered professional or not. Michelle told her clients that it might not be appropriate for most workplaces, but they would need to check the employee dress code. Michelle relayed the clients’ concerns to Chad, who said that Michelle’s hair was professional and an expression of her creativity and innovation.

Michelle does not believe that her hairstyle is unprofessional but instead embracing her heritage and culture. She refuses to change her hairstyle, especially if other employees can have “unnatural” hairstyles. As the HR manager, you have to decide what you will do in this situation.

1.     Describe the dilemma faced by the HR manager?

2.     What are some possible solutions for this dilemma?

3.     Choose your top two solutions and provide justification for your decision?

Successfully case study responses will follow the following criteria

·       Follow assignment requirements

·       Documents should be between 3-5 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 Font (not including title page or references)

·       All citations (in-text and on reference page) must adhere to APA formatting rules

·       Grammar and prose should be clear and concise. Excessive mistakes will result in an incomplete or unsatisfactory.

·       The textbook and at least one additional source must be referenced to support your arguments

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