Group venture plan | Operations Management homework help

We are doing a tour company that focuses personalised trips, especially adventure tour, and we will be targeting on young customers that like adventure tour.

My part is Part G, see attached document for assessment brief and other parts done by group members!

Content of Venture Plan:

  1. a)  Title page – unit name, assessment name, student name, ID
  2. b)  Idea title (with one-line “tagline”)
  3. c)  Executive summary
  4. d)  Analysis on possible market gap/opportunity
  5. e)  Develop value proposition of the innovative product or service
  6. f)  Marketing and channel strategy approach
  7. g)  Competitive strategy and positioning
  8. h)  Financial viability of the venture using break-even, cash flow, and investment needs
  9. i)  Appropriate References – minimum of 10 (and using APA standard)

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