Git, github and version control


Version Control Using Git and GitHub

Discuss using appropriate commands for the following 

1. Getting started on GitHub 

2. Configuring Git 

3.  Creating a Git repository 

4. Creating and editing files 

5.  Adding files to your Git repository 

6. Finding out what’s happening 

7.  Making changes and tracking them 

8.  Synchronizing your local Git repository with GitHub 

9.  Deleting and renaming files

10.  Undoing changes 

11. Before you commit

12. After you commit

13. Being more selective 

14.  Retrieving an old version 

15.  Branching 13

16.  Checking differences between branches 

17.  Merging branches 

18.  Deleting branches 

19. Managing multiple copies of a repository 

20.  Dealing with simple conflicts (give examples)

21.  Dealing with more complex conflicts (give examples)


Commands should be formatted as a picture that is, include your own picture codes/command.

Please use attached documents or link as guide and do not plagiarize


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