Genetically modified bt corn: the risk of gene flow in the environment

 Given the case study of gene flow of genetically modified corn, if you were an environmental decision-maker in your nation, would you decide to allow Bt corn planting? Why or why not? Would it make a difference if your nation were in America, Asia, Europe, or Africa? 


Guidelines for Project Submission:

1. The Student must write 3-5 pages

2. The Project file should be in “MS Word” document

3. The font size should be “12”

4. The font type should be “Times New Roman”

5. The “Heading” and “Sub Heading” should be Bold 

6. The text color should be “Black”

7. The text line spacing should be “1.5” 

8. The running text should be “Justified” and “Proper Alignment”

9. The answers and text should not be repeat and copy from other students. It should be follow the “Plagiarism Rules”

10. The Text concerned proper ”References”

11. The text should be presented in three parts: Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion

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