Fsmt362 week 8 final exam

The following exam consists of 5 short answer/essay questions worth 20 points a piece.

Please keep in mind that the short answer questions need to be scored manually by the professor. Upon submission, your score for any short answer question will be a zero until the professor grades these questions manually.

The exam questions come from the Weekly textbook readings.

You must APA cite and reference your sources.

There are several different management tactics/strategies that managers may use to help their organization achieve its goals.  Choose three (3) of those strategies/tactics and briefly discuss each.

List and briefly discuss the seven (7) steps that can help a fire service leader create change.

The budgetary cycle consists of four (4) general phases.  Briefly discuss each phase.

According to our readings, NFPA 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, consists of seven (7) major topics.  Briefly discuss each of those seven (7) topics.

Discuss ethical behavior, why people lie, justifications for lying and the consequences of lies.

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