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As the human resources manager, you are now ready to complete your diversity training manual to be used for training and sensitizing your employees on diversity issues. This final section will cover actual legislation. You would like your employees to not only be aware of issues dealing with discrimination that may not be addressed in legislation (the moral component) but to be knowledgeable of the seriousness of the discriminatory practices that have been made into law.

Affirmative Action is one of the most contentious issues; its intent and the discriminatory result of applying it in practice has become a major issue in today’s workforce.


write a paper of 4-6 pages that will summarize the following points and become part of the training manual: 



  • PARAGRAPH 1: INTRODUCTION: Define Affirmative Action
  • PARAGRAPH 2:  What was the initial intent of Affirmative-Action legislation? Why was it introduced?
  • PARAGRAPH 3:  What did the landmark Bakke v. Regents case conclude? (Brief intro. of case, why A. Bakke filed this case)
  •  PARAGRAPH 4: What was the decision of this case and what was the basis for the conclusion? (PARAGRAPH 5:  What are the positive and negative results of Affirmative Action legislation?
  • PARAGRAPH 6:  In your evaluation, is Affirmative Action legislation is still appropriate? (provide answer in third person)





Ball, H. (2000). The Bakke case. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas. Retrieved from


University of California Regents v. Bakke, 438 U.S. 265 (1978). Retrieved from the FindLaw Web site:


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