For kim woods only edu 486 week 2 assignment discussion 2

Raising academic Achievement Levels

You are a superintendent of a large urban district which is not meeting its Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), and your school board has indicated that they will give you two years to turn the district around. They asked that you organize a committee to come up with district-wide policies and programs that will positively impact student academic achievement in the district, particularly in the elementary schools.     For this discussion, identify three findings derived from research conveyed in Chapter 10 of your course text regarding student academic achievement that you believe best represent what should be the focus of your district in creating policies and structures to bolster and support high student academic achievement levels in the district. What policies and programs would you recommend be created and/or adopted to bolster achievement in your district? Provide examples, details, and refer to your course text to defend your position.


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