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Step 1: From the Module 7 Homework Assignment, you will use the definition paragraph you wrote and create a short essay.


Step 2: You will conduct your prewriting, write your first draft, and revise your work.


Remember that good writing takes time.  Start with some development activities, such as free writing or brainstorming, to help you generate your short essay.  Pay attention to your purpose, audience, and mechanics in your essay.


Step 3: Write your introductory paragraph.  The introductory paragraph should introduce the reader to your topic.  It should also include the thesis (main idea) of your essay.  This must consist of three to five sentences.


Step 4: Write your body paragraph.  The body paragraph will consist of examples that support your thesis (main idea).  This must be five to seven sentences in length.


Step 5: Write your conclusion paragraph.  The conclusion paragraph will summarize the main points of your short essay.  It will also restate the thesis (main idea).  This must consist of three to five sentences.


Use the following:

Bravery by joining the Army               

     It needs bravery to join the army. It needs the courage to face the reward that you will never get. You have to forego the good family setting and sacrifice for the nation. You try to forget all such thoughts of a family setting and do your best to focus on the ultimate service. Attend college with cute girls and at bars hang out with them at coffee shops. While at service you get to fear just as the other normal people will fear. But swallow that feeling at the move on to fight that fear.


Bravery by joining the Army

     The complexity of army only needs bravery of men and women to tolerate your persistence at war. What makes the Army strong is how he handles that extreme fear, and it proves your bravery to join the army.

Main paragraph

     Because of that reward we’ll never get. Because despite the fact, that I want so very much to be in my bed at home, the warmth of my wife next to me, at the end of my bed, the fact that the very thought of all of that, that stuff that is a reward in life, just the thought of losing all that is heart wrenching. Seriously, I do my best not to think about it. It is what sways most people not to enlist.

    The fact that you can just “go the other way”, do it easy. Get an okay job, go to college, meet cute girls at bars, at library’s, at the coffee shop. It makes it all so easy. But when I, or any other man, is willing to put that out of the way. When we can swallow that large lump in our throats that is our heart screaming at us in fear telling us there’s always that chance we won’t come back, we won’t get to experience that amazing reward, we won’t get ever to feel the warmth of our wives again, its pushing that fear down, that insane… intense. Extremely complex fear that makes our men and women brave to join the army. What makes us brave is how we handle ourselves with that fear.


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