First draft character analysis paper #1 submit assignment

Assignment: June May is a dynamic character, which means that she significantly changes the over the course of the story’s events in “A Pair of Tickets.” Your purpose in this assignment is to trace her development, show her growth, and point to specific events in the story that contribute to this change. To prove that June May changes, it is important to note her previous attitude about her culture and to show how moments during her trip contribute to her changing perspective regarding who she is as a part of her family and as a Chinese woman. It is also important to note exactly what that change is. Be sure you can answer the questions: How does she feel about being Chinese before her trip to China? And how does she view her culture/family differently in the end?

Audience: The audience for all literary papers is an educated, literary audience. You can safely assume that your readers have read the story you’re writing about, so reminding them of what happens is NOT necessary. Instead, your focus should be on interpreting what happens (see week two module Analysis versus Summary). This means that you need to delve deeper into the significance of moments in the story. Particularly, in this assignment, your focus should be on moments that change how June May understands her own family and culture. Imagine you are writing for students in THIS class. Students in this class have read this story, so your purpose is to show them how you interpret the events, rather than just summarizing the events that take place. They know; you don’t have to repeat the story for them.

Assignment Requirements

First Draft: First Drafts are due in the designated drop box by Sunday, 9/8 at 11:59pm. (10 points) First drafts will not be accepted late. In order to receive full credit and feedback on your draft, your draft must contain ALL of these requirements: 

First Drafts must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion

First Drafts must contain an underlined thesis statement

First Drafts must be a minimum of 3 pages of content

First Drafts must include quoted material from the story in each body paragraph; quotes should contain no more than 3 lines of typed text; no block quotes should be used.

Use THIRD person point of view

First drafts must contain a Work Cited Entry that follows the guidelines for a work located in an anthology; Little Seagull page 144 reference #19.

First drafts must appear in correct MLA format; see Little Seagull page 161 or the OWL at Purdue


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