Fintech | Financial markets homework help

Pick a Fintech company that interests you and figure out how it is improving the financial services landscape.

Each student must choose a unique company to research. Before starting, you will need to let me know your desired company and I will check to make sure there are no duplicates. 

All papers will be compiled into a directory and distributed to the students for future reference.

An excellent paper will include the following 5 components:

1. Brevity and clarity: 4-7 pages in length (including visuals).

2. Competitive analysis: Research 3 companies going after the same market or having the same product.

3. Structural advantage: An understanding of the company’s organizational / technological structure.

4. Critiques and insights: Your informed opinions resulting from your findings about the company. 

5. Employee insight: Video or voice-recording evidence of a personal interview with an employee, significant investor or outsourced vendor of that company. You should prepare a list of 10 questions in advance and figure out a way to arrange a brief 10 – 15 minute interview with someone from that company. A link to the video or voice recording should be uploaded in the comments section. Make sure to elaborate on the findings from your interview in the paper. The 10 questions for the employee should be included as an addendum at the end of your paper. If unable to speak to an employee and do an interview, you can instead look up an interview of an employee (in print or video) from that company and provide an overview of what was discussed, and answered. Please cite the reference and include the write up in the body of your paper.

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