. find an article on play, leisure or recreation- write a one page


. Find an article on Play, Leisure or Recreation- Write a one page paper on the article why you picked it and how does it relate to the course concepts you have learned in this class making citations and then also making sure to send me the article so I can read it.

2. Do another In Depth Leisure Analysis on a different new activity you did during the semester. But do not about soccer. Follow thr descrbtion

The purpose of this assignment is for students to apply the course concepts and to understand the benefits of leisure and participation in a variety of leisure opportunities. Students will write an in-depth analysis based on their own personal leisure experience they choose to engage in during this semester. The chosen activity must take place during the current semester and should have a prescribed relationship to the course recommendations. It is anticipated that students will participate in numerous leisure activities, outside of class, during the semester. They are to choose one of these activities to report on. The paper will be 3.5 pages, single-spaced, in length and consist of 3 sections: activity description, a personal analysis and a conceptual analysis of the experiences. The In-Depth Leisure Analysis paper will be submitted in the Drop box on D2L. Following is a brief outline of potential content. Students should not directly answer the suggested questions in their writing, but use only for a reference.

Activity Descriptions: This first section of the assignment should be a description of the chosen leisure experience which students will participate in during the semester (1-2 paragraph for each activity), and should address some of the following questions:

What was the experience? Who participated? Where was the activity conducted?

When did it take place? Was there a financial cost to the experience?

Did the activity require equipment or resources that you had or had to obtain?

What took place during the activity? (offer a detailed description)

Personal Analysis: The second section of the written paper should be a 2-3 paragraph personal analysis of the experience. Below is a listing of questions for students to consider in their personal reflection and analysis. Demonstrate a thoughtful reflection of the experience.

Why did I choose this activity? What benefits did I receive through my participation?

Was there an intrinsic or extrinsic reward to the experience? What emotions did I experience before, during and after the activity? Did I have the appropriate skill level for this activity? Did my skill level help or hinder the experience? Did I experience what I intended to during the activity? Will I choose this activity again? Why/why not?

Will this activity be a lifelong pursuit for me? Will I continue the pursuit later in life with adaptations that may be included? Will the value of this activity change for me with the adaptations?

Conceptual Analysis: The final section of the assignment should be a 2-3 paragraph analysis of the experience as it relates to the core concepts discussed in the course (ie. leisure as a condition of being, leisure behavior and healthy living, leisure and life span, culture and leisure, issues and trends in leisure, etc.) Students will need to demonstrate integration of course content through 1-2 citations in this section of the paper.

How has this experience changed your perception of leisure from the start of class to now? How has the experience helped you to synthesis the importance of leisure as a component of human behavior? Various definitions of leisure were discussed in class and in the online discussions. Apply 1 (or more) of the definitions to the experience and explain. How does this experience relate to life satisfaction and well being?

Issues and current trends in recreation are discussed in the readings and lectures. Does your experience support any of the content discussed? Explain.

What course concepts does my participation in this activity relate to?

Leisure and people with disabilities (PWD) was one of the course lectures. Can you visualize PWD participating in the activity you selected? Separately? Inclusively?

Here is some information about the class to help to know what is about.

Courses Description and Objectives: This course is designed to allow the student to investigate the human construct as it relates to leisure. A focal point of the course will be an exploration of the historical, philosophical, sociological, developmental, and cultural aspects of leisure, recreation and play, and how each relates to the students’ lives. Students will examine their own leisure behavior and philosophy while determining the impact their leisure choices have on their lives across the lifespan continuum. Students may use this course for 3 credit hours of Humanities GER credit because they will be able to identify the formation, traditions, and ideas essential to major bodies of historical, cultural, literary, or philosophical knowledge.

Course Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the importance of leisure as a component of human behavior
  • Construct their own personal leisure philosophy by applying the concepts of leisure, recreation and play in society
  • Demonstrate synthesis of the correlation of leisure involvement to overall personal health and wellness
  • Compare and contrasts the benefits of participation in a variety of leisure opportunities and the relationship to a healthy and satisfying life across the lifespan
  • Analyze the future leisure trends and issues and their the impact on society
  • For GER credit, generate and demonstrate informed and independent evaluations concerning the creation, structure, and application of ethical or aesthetic concepts.
  • For GER credit, respond coherently and persuasively to the materials of humanities study; this may be through logical, textual, formal, historical, or aesthetic analysis, argument and/or interpretation.