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Over the past five weeks, you have spent time looking at the many facets of being an adult student, being an online student, and coming to school here at CCU. Spend time reflecting on your experience, and identify what assumptions or beliefs you may have had about education or coming to school that have changed over the past five weeks. How will you use what you have learned to be a more successful student? Be sure to cite specifics from the assigned course content, resources, or discussions.

Your reflection paper must be:

  • Two to three pages in length (around 600 words, double spaced).
  • Written using well-constructed sentences and paragraphs (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion), accurate grammar, and correct spelling.
  • Formatted using the  APA template (Word) APA template (Word) – Alternative Formats , to include a title page, the two- to three-page reflection paper, and a reference page. (Use what you learned about the format of APA papers in Session 4.)
  • Written with a thesis statement as part of the introduction paragraph as explained in  Guide the Writer and the Reader: Thesis Statement and Thesis Maps (pdf)Guide the Writer and the Reader: Thesis Statement and Thesis Maps (pdf) – Alternative Formats .
  • Supported with in-text citations from course resources. Paraphrase (put into your own words) the content you wish to use to support your ideas, and then give credit to the author using properly formatted in-text citations and an entry for the source on the reference page. Use the following resources to assist these in-text citations and references:
  • Typewritten in Microsoft Word and saved with a file name that includes your last name, the session number, and the assignment title (e.g., “Johnson.Session5.FinalReflection”).

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