Final project – written presentation | HFT3503

Select a non-chain/non-brand hospitality, travel or tourism business (individual hotel, single restaurant, bakery, night club, brewery, winery, distillery), travel company (regional/charter airline – not a mainline carrier, yacht service – not a cruise line, tour operator, individual travel agency – not an OTA) or tourism organization’s (CVB, DMO, local attraction – not Disney or Universal) web site for review.

Using the textbook and any other supplemental material provided throughout the course, prepare a concise/brief 2 – 3 page written document (using APA style formatting), identify what you find in the company’s website related to the following marketing considerations:

Section One (20 points)

Company Name

Web site address (URL)

Section Two (30 points)

Identify and explain how the core marketing concept of the 4 P’s is represented/reflected in the information presented by the company in their web site:

  • Product (What evidence in the web site shows the company’s core, facilitating, supporting and augmented products?)
  • Price (What information is conveyed through the web site that demonstrates the value proposition offered by the company?)
  • Place (What are the channels of distribution indicted on the web site through which the product can be obtained?)
  • Promotion (What are the advertising, public relations, sales promotions and personal selling aspects reflected in the web site?)

Section Three (30 points)

Describe the target marketing strategy (positioning) that’s apparent in the company’s web site, and evaluate and specify to which market segment(s) the web site’s information (appeal) is directed.

Section Four (30 Points)

Identify the evident resources (tools) that are integrated into the web site that enable data gathering and market research about visitors to the site.

Section Five (30 points)

Analyze which micro and macro environmental influences are specifically addressed by the information included in the web site.  Share an example of one factor from micro and one from macro that are highlighted or mentioned in the information presented.  State whether the website utilized this information effectively or ineffectively.

Section Six (30 points)

Differentiate between how the company markets its services on the web site, versus how a manufactured good would be marketed, by identifying their approach to:

  • Intangibility (How does the web site appear to overcome the intangibility factor?)
  • Inseparability (What is presented in the web site that connects the target market with the experience?)
  • Variability (How does the web site convey that there is consistency in experience delivery?)
  • Perishability (What elements within the web site convey urgency for the target market to take action?)

Section Seven (30 points)

Assess and summarize how well this web site incorporates and represents the marketing concepts and principles covered throughout the course.  Provide AT LEAST ONE suggested improvement that could be made to enhance its effectiveness.  IMPORTANT:  Identify the marketing concept or theory that led to your suggested improvement.

You must use each of the sections provided above as headers in your written assignment. This will insure that you address all of the course learning outcomes.  Include a cover page indicating your name, student number, course number and title, academic term and date.

Note: spelling, grammar, and syntax are an important component of grading. If you need help with checking these, please consult the writing center (Links to an external site.).  Points will be deducted for these types of errors.  The total potential score for this assignment is 200 points.

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