Final argumentative essay with annotated bibligraphy – write an

Final Argumentative Essay with Annotated Bibligraphy

– Write an argumentative essay using about video games how effect in youth violence .

– The essay must be a minimum of 1000 words and can be up to 1500 words .

– Research-based support must be included . You must include support gained from your research, including at least four of the five sources that we create for the annotated bibligraphy. You can also use other sources, even if they are not in the annotated bibligraphy. However, you must include a citation for every source that you use. 

0 Remember to paraphrase or summarize. Simply quoting the entire sentence or passage that you use is not acceptable .

0 if there are paraphrase that you do not feel you can paraphraase because the vocabulary or expression is too difficult when trying to put it in that order , put quotations around that part ( See Matte if you have quotations  about this !)

0 Remember to cite the sources when you use them in your writing.

0 Be aware that your sources can be used to support your argument, but also in other ways. You can use paraphrased material to show an opposing argument, for example or to introduce the background of the issue that you will discuss.

0 Do not just include paraphrases or quotations that are not explained and introduced in your writing.

0 Any plagiarism will result in a zero score for this assignment.

– Whether your organization style is block or point, your essay must mention and explain to some extent the opposing argument in order to receive an acceptable grade . Don`t simply write about your opinion and ignore the other ones.


This the five sources that we create for the annotated bibligraphy :

Time to rethink the video games and violence debate.

Little by little, violent video games make us more aggressive

Violent video games don`t lead to increases in violent crimes, study finde 

Video games are responsible for increased youth violence 

Violent video games influence children to kill.

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