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In no less than 500 words, write a short over view on how contemporary fashion designers and or couture houses implement history of costume into their collections, particularly focusing on those periods we have covered so far in class:  

The Egyptians.

Minoans, Greeks

Etruria and Rome

Review the development of couture and the differences in the evolution of both the European and American apparel industries.  

Consider the following:

How does history influence the differences between the European/American and more recently the Far Eastern approach of development and work in their respective apparel industries.

How and why would you develop historical design content as a marketing tool?  

Could designers be equally creative without historical referencing? 

How does history of fashion have any relevance in today’s global economy?

What would the differences be in design research and development without a relationship to the past? Give an example on how designers do this e.g. Galliano for Dior or other couturiers/design houses.

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