Factors that influence individual success

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You will write a 6-page paper about then graduate programs of social work.  Look to the literature to learn more about how traits, ways of organizing, supports, etc. positively impact a student’s continued engagement and success when studying social work at the graduate level. 


This paper is not to be written about yourself, include personal reflection, or be written from the first person perspective.  However, it should imagine the varying situations, supports, mental health, abilities ofindividual students, age, culture, etc.  and the ways these individual traits/factors impact success.


Your work will be graded based upon the following criteria:

  • Relevant and substantive exploration of the topic assigned. (30 points)
  • Effective use of at least 6 appropriate references (only one can be a required reading from 605) (20 points)
  • Demonstration of analytic ability (35 points)
  • Scholarly writing, including grammar, sentence structure, and conceptualization (15 points)  APA style

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