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need to do axcel and access homework. the solutions are on a step by step video with how to do it and with the answer. i will give access to the link and video just need someone to do it for me. look at the instructions on the attachment.

here is the question…

10-20. EXCEL APPLICATION: Citywide Community College The IT Department at Citywide Community College devel-oped a computer security incident response plan that requires users to provide information for each security incident. Louis Hermann, the IT manager, inventoried the major components of the college’s computer systems and created a spreadsheet to track the equipment by manufacturer, model number, and serial number. He decided to confine the list to major computer components, and he does not try to track keyboards, mice, and so forth. Louis then created a spreadsheet to track systems security incident facts including information about the depart-ment reporting the incident, target-specific information (host machine name, etc.), source-specific information (source IP address), and information about the type of security incident or attack. Louis has asked you to use the data provided in the CCC Security spreadsheet, Ch10Ex01, to identify (1) the department reporting the highest number of security incidents and (2) the most prevalent type of intrusion. Use the “countif” function to count the number of security incidents in which the computer system was compromised. Use a memo format to submit a summary of your findings to Louis.

10-21. ACCESS APPLICATION: Citywide Community College

Louis Hermann, IT manager at Citywide Community College, is working with two spreadsheets to manage computer secu-rity incident reporting. One spreadsheet tracks the major components of the college’s computer systems, and the other spreadsheet tracks security incident facts. To provide for bet-ter reporting capabilities, Louis wants you to set up an Access database that tracks college departments, computer systems, and security incidents. Download the spreadsheet Ch10Ex02 and import the worksheets to create the database shown in Figure 10-26. Create a report that lists the number of secu-rity incidents reported by each department. Create a second report that lists the number of attacks in which the system was compromised for the department having the greatest num-ber of security incidents. What other reports would Louis find useful?

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