Evaluating large datasets1 | Computer Science homework help


Complete the following:

For each of the following actions, use each language to complete a programming solution.

Please copy the numbered action into your Microsoft Word document.

Please post your code for Python to cover item 1 below.

For items 2–3 below, provide a screenshot of the execution, in Java and R, showing the code and the result set. Be sure to submit the actual .py file for Python in this module. Make sure to also respond to items 4 and 5.

Start a next action on a new page.

For items 1–3, use the IN300_Dataset1.csv file.

1. Write a Python program that reads the CSV file into a Panda dataframe. Using that dataframe, print the row, source IP, and destination IP as a table.

2. Write a Java program that reads the CSV file into an ArrayList. Convert the ArrayList to a string array and print the row, source IP, and destination IP on the same line using a loop.

3. Write an R program that reads the CVS file using the read.csv data type. Print the row, source IP and destination IP of each line.

As part of the mastery requirements for this Competency Assessment, complete the following boldfaced item:

Using the requirements for Step 3 above, write code, in R, that adds the protocol to the output of the given assignments.

4. Compare and contrast the data collection used for each language.

5. Discuss the data science process.

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