Ethnic studies final project – equality for all.

*** MLA format, no grammer errors, no plagiarism, On time**

Essential Question Does Our Nation Today Reflect Progress in Achieving the Goal – Equality For All?

Purpose: Demonstrate understanding of key course concepts and terms by applying knowledge in a 2 page synthesis essay answering the EQ.

Project Time Frame:

  1. Complete Article Reading & Questions: Our Challenge As a People (
  2. What audiences did Obama address in this speech, and what is he telling each audience? Is anyone not addressed?
  3. Obama listed some specific barriers that have kept African Americans from accumulating wealth over time. What are they? How would each of these barriers affect a person’s ability to prosper?
  4. Why does President-elect Obama say that segregated schools “were, and are” inferior schools? What action does he propose to fill the “achievement gap?”
  5. Obama says the experience of whites in this country is the “immigrant experience.” What are the characteristics of that experience? How does it differ from the experiences of African Americans and Native Americans? Is it the same as the experience of today’s immigrants? Why or why not?
  6. How is Obama careful in this speech, and in what passages? Where is he bold? Why?
  7. He says, “I have never been so naïve as to believe that we can get beyond our racial divisions in a single election cycle.” What does he mean? What prescription does he provide instead? How does that prescription involve you?

Spring 2018 Unit 7 Final Project – Equality For All.pdf

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***For as far as we have come, we still have farther to go because we have not yet achieved equality for all in the United States due to the a lack of understanding of what equality for all means, our continued attitudes towards each other, and the will to take actions that will ensure we are all equal under the law.

Answer to the EQ

3 Reasons .

Did you provide supporting evidence for EACH of your 3 reasons listed in the form at least 3 separate paragraphs? 

  • You used quotes from the different articles you cited in your research?
  • You used the correct in-text citation format when quoting?
  • You explained what the quotes meant and HOW IT SUPPORTS YOUR THESIS?
  • Did you provide a concluding paragraph that restates the your main idea and summarizes your main points?
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